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Pay all your bills
from one app

With Roger you can stop worrying, and pay any bill right from your smartphone.

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Benefit That You Will Get

Find out what Roger can help you with.
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Takes literally no time to pay your bill.

No matter how you receive your bill - by email; your RogerAddress; or online - you can pay it in a few seconds.

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No more late fees

Because you get it done straight away. With Roger you do not have to worry about late fees ever again.

More Control than Autopay Graphic

More control than autopay

Not just a black box where money is just withdrawn automatically every month. Have full control.

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Roger handles all your bills in one place

No more logging in different places to pay your bills. Roger has got them all gathered in one place.

Not Limited to Certain Types of Bills Graphic

Not limited to certain types of bills

You can pay any bill with Roger, e.g. medical bills, insurance payments, credit card bills, garbage, car payments, etc.

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Would you like to try?

Download the app now and experience an easier everyday life.

How can Roger help you?

Roger helps you out in everyday life with all types of bills.
You’re always in control of your expenses with Roger.
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Juggling 10-12 creditors and life in general every month is almost like an extra job. If you're already working to pay your bills, we think it should be easy to actually do just that.

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Every bill is gathered in Roger in one sweet app, where you're in control. With our solution, you can kick back and allow yourself your favorite show; or maybe even a nap. That sounds nice, doesn't it?

What Our Users Said

Some testimonials from our happy users
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"So easy to use - you snap a photo af your bill with your phone and the app handles the rest.

Fantastic service by the way - I had a problem and customer service reacted swiftly and fixed it in under 5 minutes through the chat functionality in the app.""
Laurits Hansen
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"Not much to say. Roger is a great service; paying bills have never been easier! Snap a picture or forward an email - or get your bills sent directly to Roger. It's so easy!

The times I have had questions or needed help, the team has been incredibly fast when responding."
Emil Stahl
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"Roger is both effective and user-friendly. Roger is my personal financial assistant and I'm so happy about it!

It has become tangibly faster for me to handle my bills with Roger. I use it both for my job and privately. High five and five stars."
Christian Hansen
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Trusted by thousands

Everybody can use Roger, in one way or another. Remember that Roger works on your smart phone, tablet and computer, so you're always in control. Visit your favorite app store and get Roger now.