Accounts Payable Department — what does an Accounts Payable Department do?

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First and foremost, an Accounts Payable (AP) department is responsible for ensuring that a company meets all of its financial obligations. This means processing invoices, primarily, and making payments to suppliers.

Additional Responsibilities of the AP Team

  • Updating and maintaining vendor information, including contact info, terms, and even W-9—often using automation software.
  • Approve and process expense reports, including logs, receipts, and other compliance requirements
  • Manage sales tax exemption certificates and distribute to relevant departments
  • Distribute and manage petty cash balances
  • Manage business travel reimbursements

In smaller businesses, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable are often handled by a single team of accountants.

Tools used by an Accounts Payble department

An AP department or an accountant handling AP for clients often use a range of tools to manage the process.
Larger companies may use tools such as MineralTree or Tipalti, whereas small and medium-sized firms use an intuitive and fast automation tool such as Roger to pay bills, manage approval flows and reconcile with the accounting system.