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Roger helps thousands of comapnies worry less about bill pay and accounts payable. We have selected a few of our customers so you can learn more about why companies trust Roger to automate a large part of their business.

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Making sure music is key

“At Birdseye Agency, we represent more than 40 international performers and artists, focusing on carreer development, planning and promotion.

Before we found Roger, it was a mess to manage bill pay for all artists. They are always on the road, and we need to make sure they are as creative as possible. That means they can’t worry about bills or administration and with Roger we can now make sure they focus on music, and only music.

On the backend, our accounting processes have become as streamlined as they can possibly be, resulting in more time to focus on the artists and their carreers.”

Fulfilling people’s dreams on the slopes

“At Snowminds we always strive to be innovative. We run ski instructor courses in some of the coolest places around the globe, including in Austria, Canada, Japan and New Zealand.

Simultaneously, we try to streamline the IT-administrative side of our company. Roger saves us a lot of time by providing the easiest and quickest way to pay invoices. Before Roger, we spent many hours on checking, paying and ultimately booking invoices into our accounting system. Through Roger’s great integration possibilities, that entire setup is automated and even manually booking invoices is eliminated.

Overall, Roger helps us focus on what we are truly passionate about: fulfilling people’s dreams on the slopes”. Learn more here

Staying focused on helping people see

“ByMyEyes is a free app that connects blind and low vision people with over 1,000,000 volunteers and company representatives for visual assistance through video calls. We are hyper focused on our mission and on helping people around the world, making the biggest possible difference for visually impaired people globally.

Because of our big mission, we try to automate as much as possible when it comes to running the business. Roger has been a huge part of that, enabling us to pay any bill in the US and Europe simply by taking a picture of it on the go, or forwarding it to our RogerAddress. We never experience any issues, everything is smooth, and we don’t need an in-house accountant for AP.”

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