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Spend 80%
less time on AP

Roger handles your account payables automagically, from scanning, over approvals, to accounting.

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A Seamless Process

Take a Picture

Receive any bill

Upload any bill to Roger or use your unique RogerAddress to instantly receive and scan invoices.

Forward an Email


The market's best approval flow. Create rules for who approves what and when.

Recurring Payments


Pay any bill or invoice to anyone without changing your current setup.

Recurring Payments


With our powerful accounting system integrations you can automate the entire accounts payable flow.

Benefits of using Roger

Scan, pay, approve and reconcile payments in a heartbeat.
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Pay any bill with Roger

No more paper checks. Pay your bills with your preferred payment method - we'll make sure the biller receives it.

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Automate your business

Roger syncs with your accounting tool, for seamless payment reconciliation.

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No changes required

Upload bills through your phone, e-mail or your RogerAddress, and handle bill pay in seconds with no change to your current setup.

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Save 80%+ on AP

You'll save hours if not full days every month by letting Roger handle bill payments, approvals and reconciliation.

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Powerful Approval Flows

Setup approval flows for your organization and make sure you can keep track of all invoices and stay compliant.

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Spend less on accounting

No more data entry, no more manual approvals, no more writing checks. Save valuable accounting hours for something better.

Trusted by thousands

Read what our happy users have said about Roger:

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Michael KastrupsenBusiness user
"This automated payment solution brings me happiness on a daily basis - no kidding!"

Read the rest of Michael's testimonial here.