How yo Better Manage your Medical Bills

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Paying medical bills can be a time consuming and frustrating endeavor. Getting paid what you are owed by your insurance company, and getting your medical bills paid is task that can take hours every month. Getting sent to collection for a medical bill you actually weren’t supposed to pay is also quite common — something that can seriously hurt your credit score. Thankfully, new apps are coming out to help manage the jungle of medical bills, and here are a few that might be helpful.

DIY Medical Bill Management Isn’t Exactly Convenient

After getting lost in the phone menu system or being on hold for a long time, you finally reach someone. The insurance company claims that you don’t have the correct billing code to be reimbursed. Or it could even be that the provider left out the billing code altogether. But you aren’t a medical professional and don’t know what a billing code is or which is the right one. Your insurance basically sends you off on your own to figure it out. Not helpful.

The above scenario often leads to lots of back and forth phone calls, waiting, missed calls, voicemails and more. Before you know it, it is weeks later and now your bill is overdue. But you still haven’t made any progress.

Besides dealing with the hassle of trying to get your bill covered by insurance, there is also the problem of simply forgetting to pay. You put a bill aside with the intention of paying. Then a month later get a call that it is past due and accumulating fees. Drat!

There surely must be a better way to handle paying and resolving medical insurance billing issues right? Yes — there is. In this article, you’ll learn about several apps that specialize in helping you better manage your medical bills.

Most of the apps mentioned use your phone’s camera to take a picture of your medical bill. Then you simply submit the bill through the app. Very easy and fast. No more hassling with insurance companies or being late on medical bills. Some apps do charge a small fee, but if you are one of the lucky people whose had a bad experience dealing with a health insurance company, the fee can be well worth it.


1 in 5 Americans are struggling with medical debt right now and 62% of personal bankruptcies are caused by medical debt.

Better is an app that makes it extremely simple for anyone to get back money they are owed by their health insurance company. Better claims that it’s users save an average of $1,233 on out-of-network care each year by using their product.

If you receive a medical bill that has been rejected by your insurance, or if you have had out-of-network expenses, simply take a picture of your bill and upload it in Better, and they will negotiate with your insurance company. This can save you a ton of money, and a lot of time.

Better charges a 10% fee to patients. Once your claim is processed, you get paid.

Patients can learn more about Better and providers.


Roger offers to manage bills, medical and any other type of bill, in several different ways. It’s pretty much one of the first products where you can get any bill paid, in any way you want. Whether you receive bills in the mail, in your email inbox, or through different provider portals online, Roger can handle it in various ways:

  • Take a photo of your bill
  • Send the bill to your RogerAddress via email
  • Have a billing provider send a bill to your RogerAddress email. This is great for recurring bills.

Roger will extract all necessary information from the bill photo and then automatically pay the bill for you, so you don’t have to worry about due dates or the payment itself. Everything is gathered in one app, in a simple overview, and it gets done for you.

Automatic recurring payments are nice but what if your bank account is low during the middle of the month and you’ve forgotten about all of those mindless automatic payments? That can lead to some serious overdraft fees. With Roger, you have full control but still benefit from the convenience of automatic payments.

Roger is free for consumers to use — there are no fees. Roger makes their money on the business product, which automates Account Payables for SMBs.

Inbox Health

Inbox Health is different from the other apps in that it focuses on providers only. The advantage to providers is a reduction in paperwork and handling of patient support and costs. In fact, they claim:

  • Up to 95% reduction in paper statements
  • Reduce billing costs by up to $10 per encounter
  • Combines text, email, and paper bills into a smart, single stream of communication

Pricing depends on the level of service provided, and the size of your business. Learn more about Inbox Health.

If trying to get reimbursed for your medical bills through health insurance is something you’d rather not be doing, now there’s an app for that.