Helping Seniors with On-Time and Easy Bill Payments

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Over 10 million seniors in America are overwhelmed by managing their own finances. Often, their children are there to take over when help is needed but taking over your parents’ finances can be quite a task to take on.

Financial Health with Golden

Golden gives you the tools to make sure your parents’ financial health is secured when it becomes too much for your loved one to manage it on their own. The Golden app lets you manage your parent's entire financial life, such as setting up accounts online, monitoring credit, check on benefits, establishing power of attorney, budgetting, securing documents, and much more.

Making sure mom or dad’s bills are paid on time when they can’t take care of the payments themselves can be imperative for them to continue their normal daily routine without the stress and worry of derogatory marks and late fees.

Roger + Golden

We’re proud that Golden demoed their amazing product on stage at one of the largest Financial Technology conferences in the world today, Finovate in NYC, being one of the first apps extending their feature set via Rogers’ API and developer platform.

With the Golden app, seniors and their children will be able to create the best financial outcomes while maintaining a positive and trusting atmosphere in the family. One important part of that is to easily be able to pay bills without having to share bank login credentials or credit card information insecurely. Now children or parents will simply be able to take a picture of a bill when it comes in the mail, and within seconds it will be analyzed and ready for payment, made possible through the direct integration with the Roger API.



Why we built an API for Bill Pay

Bill pay is a large part of America's financial health and about 1 in 4 Americans don’t pay their bills on time. Late payments impact credit scores very negatively, and late fees are sometimes higher than the bill amount itself.

In Business to Business transactions, late payments cost businesses a whopping $3 trillion globally every single year, and resulting in severe cash flow issues and even businesses shutting down.

At Roger, we have built a product that allows businesses to automate their bills and accounts payable process completely, saving them up to 80% of the time they would otherwise spend on managing this task. However, as noted above, the issues with bill pay are not limited to the B2B world, and we wanted to do as much as we could to help overcome late payments’ negative effects on society. Our Bill Pay API is one step on that path, and allows developers to easily integrate and offer bill pay features in their own applications.

Golden is a great example of a company that has the potential to help millions of Americans with their financial health, and make many people’s lives easier, so we are very proud that they chose to extend their product with our Bill Pay API.

If you’re interested in using our API, join the Roger Developer Community on Slack and talk to us about your use case.