Big News: Launching the Most Powerful Approval Flow

. 2 min read

We are proud to present a significant update of Roger's Approval Flow, enabling you to set up and automate every step of your company's invoice approval flow in Roger! We have worked on this update for a while, and we believe we have managed to build the simplest, yet most potent approval flow available for invoices.

You will find a new menu item in your Roger dashboard labeled Approval Flow. Here you can easily set up rules that automatically appoint the right co-workers to approve your company’s bills.

You’ll be able to select which criteria a bill must meet to activate a rule. When a bill activates a rule, the rule automatically appoints one or more co-workers of your choice to approve the bill:


  • Once you have set up a rule, it all happens entirely automatically, and bills will intelligently flow through the rules you have set up.
  • You can create as many rules as you like to take all possible scenarios in your company's payment processes into account.
  • You can designate selected co-workers as veto approvers so that they can always approve (or decline) any bill.
  • The rules are incredibly flexible, and you can set up rules based on criteria like amounts, currencies, departments, projects, accounts in your accounting software, and much more.
  • When a bill is pending approval, all appointed co-workers can easily get a complete overview of the bill's approval flow to keep track of its progress:


  • And remember, with Roger it doesn’t cost you more to add an extra co-worker to your Roger account!

Create a rule today

It's super easy, and all you need to do is activate the Approval Flow in your settings.

Read more about Roger's approval flow in our help center (article in English, article in Danish) where you can also see examples of how rules are created and how they are used in practice.

You can also watch Roger's approval flow in action right here:

We're looking forward to hearing how you like this big update. As always, we're ready to help at and in our Slack community where we happily accept all kinds of feedback.