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Changing global bill payments

By making sure everyone can pay their bills without worries, we are changing global payments one step at the time, creating the world's most efficient and cheapest methods to pay invoices and bills.

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About Illustration

About Our Team

It might come as a surprise, but we at Roger actually like bills. Alas, we know not everyone feels the same. That’s why our ambition is to make your bill payment easy, secure and worry-free, so you can spend time on what really matters.

Roger's roots are in Denmark, but we are a global team of entrepreneurs, developers, designers, anthropologists and sociologists working to change how we pay bills and invoices internationally. Our primary locations are in Copenhagen and San Francisco.

About Illustration

Paying bills is one of the chores we dislike the most.

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95% of young Americans worry about their cash flow and/or bills on a daily basis.

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US consumers pay roughly $3.9 trillion in bills every single year, almost 50% still via check.

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1/3 of B2B receivables aren't paid on time - a business that creates 10 new invoices in a month will have to chase down 3 or 4 payers per month.

22.5% Chart Graphic

Collecting outstanding invoices is the biggest business challenge for 22.5% of US businesses.

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Our vision for the future

We believe that innovations in payment and blockchain technology can enable a future where any transaction is free and instantaneous. The financial world is undergoing radical changes, which will only accelerate in the years to come - and Roger is right there, making sure that businesses and consumers can take advantage of those changes as they are happening.

Artificial intelligence and new machine learning techniques, as well as blockchain technology, enable our company to innovate in an industry where change has been slow and fees have been high.

Roger is growing from our dream of creating a beautiful and simple product, towards becoming the first truly global network of bill payers and payees, and bringing payment innovation to everyone.