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Simple bill pay for everyone

Pay any bill in seconds with Roger and spend 80% less time on bill payment, approvals and accounting. For businesses, accountants and consumers.

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How Roger works

Take a Picture

Take a picture

Our OCR engine will extract the important details and pay the bill for you. The image will be stored in the app for reference.

Forward an Email

Forward an email

Send bills to your unique RogerAddress, and we will make sure they are booked and paid on time.

Recurring Payments

Recurring payments

Skip the email all together and give billers your RogerAddress to receive bills automatically in the Roger App.

Why should you use Roger?

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Pay all your bills in one place

With Roger you are in control; all your bills are stored in one place. Accessible on computer, tablet and phone.

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Don’t change your current setup

Just use Roger when a new bill comes in, no need to change your existing setup.

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Say bye to your bank bill pay

Forget about signing in to 10 different portals or online banking. Just use Roger.

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The best coverage in America

Roger can pay any bill - any time, anywhere. Our easy-to-use interface empowers users of all ages.

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Great for businesses & accountants

Import bills, scanning, approvals, and accounting system integrations in one amazing experience.

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Automate your accounts payable

Roger integrates with your accounting software so you can keep your books up to date without any work.

How we can help you?

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Roger is simple for you and your customers and makes AP enjoyable and seamless. Scan, approve, pay and reconcile invoices for or with your clients must faster than before.

By automating with Roger, bills are automatically reconciled to our accounting system. It saves us time, which means we can serve more clients.
Camilla Høgsbro
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You used to waste hours on clients’ bills, typing the same information 2-3 times in different systems.
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Input your clients in one Roger administration portal and automate the entire flow. Now that’s a time saver!
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Every bill required upwards of 20 steps to be accounted for in your ERP.
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With Roger it takes a couple of steps, so you can focus on creating value for your clients.
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Business accounts

With Roger you and your business will be ten steps ahead in regards to accounting. No more leaving the office late after hours, bogged down by your accounts payable.

I'm a fan of Roger - rarely have I recommended a service as much as this one. I use Roger for all our bills - I broke up with online banking ;)
Anders Cederholm
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Private accounts

Roger helps you out in everyday life with all types of bills. Water, heating, rent and more is handled by the app, whether you’re on the beach; couch or the airport. You’re always in control of your expenses with Roger.

Great service that makes my life so much easier. All bills are paid on time, no late fees. What more can you ask?
Soren Hansen
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Juggling 10-12 bills and life in general almost feels like another day job.
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All your bills in one sweet app, where you are in control.
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Trusted by thousands

Everybody can use Roger, in one way or another. Remember that Roger works on your smart phone, tablet and computer, so you're always in control. Visit your favorite app store and get Roger now.

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