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I can’t imagine how we would run this business without Roger, given the significant amount of time and resources it saves us."

Jannik L.
CEO, LuggageHero

If you're not on Roger, get it as soon as you can. As a founder, not having to think about bills and bookkeeping is bliss.

Christian E.
CEO, Be My Eyes

Roger makes the payment processes significantly faster for us. I love the service overall and the customer support is a 10+“

Victor D.
Founder, Bean Bros

An Inbox for
your expenses

Send, upload, or take a picture of bills and receipts and let Roger scan, recognize and send all the data to your accounting system. Use our browser, iOS or Play app.

that just work

Create workflows to guide payments with multi-step approvals based on amounts, vendors, people and more. Automate categorization and reconciliation.


Automatically pay bills based on rules you set, without worrying about due dates and payment methods.

Connected to
the rest of your toolbelt.

Save time, boost productivity and streamline communication by connecting Roger to your existing tools. Roger works hand-in-hand with your accounting platform, so every payment processed in Roger is recorded and reconciled.

Take Roger with
you on the go

All of your expenses in one place,
so you never lose important receipts.

We care about your business

Your financial Fort Knox

We take data security seriously - extremely seriously. Your data is fully protected with AES-256 encryption, 2-factor authentication and fraud detection built in.

Real, friendly humans

Our support team and fleet of account managers are ready to handle your toughest questions, help you strategize or listen to your feedback.

Automate now

Ready to stop wasting time on tasks and start spending it on scaling, growth and delivering superior service?