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Manage bills and receipts in one platform


May 25, 2019

February 8, 2019

Giving our customers the world’s best possible bill pay and accounts payable automation experience is at the core of our mission. In the process of serving more and more small and large businesses as well as their accountants, we have uncovered new opportunities to help businesses more broadly across their business expense management.

Using Roger for bill pay makes everything so simple on the accounts payable side, so our customers asked "why can’t I just use Roger as one point of entry for all my business expenses”?

We listened to your daily requests, here it is: Roger can now handle receipts, or expenses that have already been paid. As of today that feature will be available for Roger customers in Denmark, USA and Great Britain.

How does it work?

Create a list of all the payment methods you use (your cards, cash, check, etc.) in your Roger Lists. Once you have purchased something and have your receipt, simply take a picture of it with your Roger app, or upload receipts in bulk via the Roger web application.

Beyond scanning

Roger is much more than a scanning tool. Where other tools help accountants and businesses save time on data entry by scanning receipts and invoices, Roger takes care of the entire process from scanning over approval flows, to making actual payments, and reconciling everything to the accounting system in a heartbeat. When you are using Roger to manage accounts payable and expenses, you get full access to our fraud detection and compliance features.

Being able to scan and approve receipts, and adding that to the Roger work flow has been a huge request from our customers, and we are happy to offer that functionality for every Roger account starting today.


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