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ØENS are winning over clients with the use of Roger's efficient mobile-app

Lise Lin

January 15, 2020

ØENS is a Danish firm comprised of three sub-companies: ØENS Law Firm as the primary, along with ØENS Company Administration and ØENS Real Estate Administration. ØENS Company Administration manages administrative and bureaucratic work for strategic development projects. Their goal is to make day-to-day operations frictionless for company owners, which is why they’ve chosen to utilize Roger internally and with their clients. Roger had a chat with Morten Krat, the Owner and Finance Director of ØENS, to discuss why Roger is valuable to their business.

Morten Krat, Finance Director & Owner

What does Roger solve for you?

One of our main tasks is to help our clients digitalize and set up proper approval flows for their daily financial operations. We started out using Roger’s scanning feature as we found its accuracy to be very impressive compared to other providers, and for me, it’s vital to know that the foundation of the tool works before rolling out all of the features. Now we use custom workflows and Roger’s other powerful features and have found it extremely valuable to have the flexibility to add features for the same cost. This way we can easily customize and trace which features are beneficial for each client. One benefit that is invaluable to our clients is how easy it use to use - all they need is their smartphone (or a simple web app) to do their bookkeeping.

Within the year we've been using Roger, we've won over several larger clients. One client, a locksmith company, previously working with a competitor of ours was struggling with the vastly slower, old-fashioned way of bookkeeping. They spent a large amount of time reviewing and approving documents by sending them back and forth via email; one executive reported spending hours at home digging through his email inbox, printing financial documents and approving them one at a time. We introduced them to Roger, and now they can effortlessly follow each financial document’s every action with their smartphone or web-app. Moreover, employees are now automatically notified if a bill or receipt requires their attention. We love that we’re not only saving time for our clients, but also granting them a remarkably better overview of their business.

What makes Roger your preferred solution?

First and foremost, it is absolutely wonderful that you have a mobile app. This is demonstrated especially in industries with many carpenters and craftsmen as they have variable expenditures from week to week. Consultancies are another example of how Roger can be extremely useful because of their complicated and dispersed expenditures. With smartphones in their pockets at all times, employees can get an easy overview of exactly what they are paying for in one place.

Here at ØENS, another value that Roger provides for me as an accountant is increased productivity. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up a new client in Roger, after which the client can immediately start scanning their financial documents into the system. I usually choose to pay for a client’s Roger subscription so they can continue to receive a full-service invoice with predictable costs. With Roger, it takes me exactly the same time to book 500 documents as it does to book 1000 documents, and the client can see that their price (based on hours) doesn't double the way it would have before. On top of that, our clients notice that we provide much better service and in-depth insights, all because we've eliminated many manual processes, thereby increasing time we can devote to our actual core competencies.

Our improved service with Roger is tangible and valuable for everyone and has given our business a competitive edge. Internally, our same team can now manage more clients than we could before - one employee can manage up to 20%-50% more than what was possible before, not to mention the savings of being able to postpone hiring new employees or the hours of boring work we’ve magically eliminated. We also use Roger for our own administrative tasks like our internal approval process as setting up Roger’s workflow rules, has helped us save 50% of the time compared to using emails. Roger helps us stay focused on our core competencies, which is being trusted advisors to our clients.

What else would you like to share?

Before we started using Roger, it could easily take 2 months to collect and deliver data to our clients, which meant that the financial advice and insights we offered often weren’t up-to-date. Another result of the 2-month wait was that my clients had often already made some crucial decisions that led them in the wrong direction. Providing advice based on a client’s real-time financial situation is invaluable to our clients, and boosts our credibility as their partner.

What would you recommend companies that are looking to scale rapidly?

Make sure to be aware of all the work being done with your underlying systems that is taking up your team’s time. Also, keep in mind that the cheapest solution may not always work best. With Roger you can go from 1000-10,000 financial documents without any problems - automation is key for any company that wants to scale not just rapidly, but efficiently.


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