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May 25, 2019

May 27, 2019

A brand is so much more than just a collection of colors and shapes. For a brand to be effective it should be anchored in a fundamental insight about the relationship between the company that owns the brand and the customers who perceive it. Read about our thought process as we came up with the new Roger logo

Finding our pillars

At Roger we believe in an automated future for accounting. That's why we've created a product that lives on top of your existing accounting tools to completely automate daily financial tasks like bill pay, expenses and bookkeeping. All while keeping businesses and accountants compliant and safe.

Naturally the product has evolved since the first spark of an idea a few years back.The company and team has expanded, and we have been able to get thousands of businesses and hundreds of accounting firms on our platform with amazing results and feedback.

We wanted our brand to reflect both the evolution of our company, and be better aligned with what we have planned for the future. So we set out to update our identity.

As a first step, we came up with brand three pillars upon which everything in Roger is built.




For us these three words encapsulate everything we do; We've created a product that takes the worries out of accounting and gives you back time for the tasks you actually like. But worry-free is no good if the investment to get there is too high. Roger is not just for the few, but for everyone - regardless of  background or skill set. We've made it easy that everyone can to set it up and put it to work. Finally, we don't aim to create a one-trick pony that you will only use for a single task. We are creating your new trusted financial partner. A partner that will enable you to work faster, grow more, and focus on what matters because it's a complete solution.

Designing a new identity

Avoiding that "Roger" sounds like a "male name".

The name of our company is also a common American male name. We initially picked that name to build a personable and friendly brand that's easy to remember. Since our product is not a human assistant and we want it to be genderless, we felt it was important to "not look like a name". So we decided we could not utilize capital letters to make "roger" look more like a logo and less like someone's name.

Exploring different typefaces

We knew that we wanted something simple and clean and immediately narrowed in on Sans Serif typefaces (fonts with no feet on the letters).

At first glance we thought it was obvious that we should use the famous Sans Serif typeface called "Antique Olive" because it was designed by Roger Excoffon in the early 1960s. However, as much as we wanted and tried, we couldn't make it work.

So we went on to explore several Humanist Sans Serif typefaces like Frutiger, and Geometric typefaces like Futura, Avenir, Brandon Grotesque and many many others.

Say hello our new logotype - EST 2019:

Our logotype consist of 4 different letters. The O's, the upper part of the g and the e are completely round and the lower part of the g is based on the same round shape. The r's are exactly 50% width of the OGE and feature the exact same curve as the circles.

We think that makes for a harmonic look where things "fit together"

Adding a companion icon

We wanted our new typeface to be able to "stand-alone" but wanted it to have a companion icon that could be used for favicon, app icon and generally everywhere we couldn't use our full logo name.

To do this we went back to our new logotype and took a close look at it. All letters of our new logotype are based on the circle. The circle is also a symbol of completeness.  So we designed a simple circular icon that consists of a dual color gradient with a hard transition. For us this felt like the "dot above the i". The fact that the circle is also a doughnut chart with a 50% distribution is just a fun added benefit.

Putting everything together

We wanted the circle to follow the same geometric rules as the rest of the logo. Size and placement were important. Based on this we made the circle icon exactly twice the size of the other circles. This enabled it to fit nicely over all the other letters, and we placed it to the left with exactly twice the width of the other letters.

We hope you like our updated brand as much as we do, and that it feels like a natural transition for the Roger as you know and love it.

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