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LuggageHero on International Expansion - Using Roger Worldwide

Lise Lin

January 15, 2020

LuggageHero stores luggage for travelers in local cafes, hotels, restaurants and shops. Today, LuggageHero operates in 30+ cities, and has logged more than 2 million hours of luggage storage for their customers in the last 12 months.

Jannik Lawaetz - CEO & Cofounder

Why did you choose to use Roger?

Just one year ago we were three full-time employees, and today we're more than 17. Back then it was a daily headache to approve and pay bills manually; often we’d pay the same bill twice, despite our internal approval process. We used a freelancer a few hours every day to double check all bills, and then used online banking to complete payments. We decided to try out Roger, and I was thrilled when I saw how easy it was to set up.

How has your company experienced growth since you started using Roger?

In the last 12 months we’ve experienced our most rapid growth, with more than 1 million storing hours booked and now managing 17 full-time employees. Prior to that, we spent years booking the first 500,000 storing hours. This significant growth is reflected in all departments across our organization, and was enabled in part by revamping accounts payable with Roger.

How do you use Roger?

We work with many contractors to set up operations in new cities, and it's invaluable to us that we can simply give them our RogerAddress to forward bills to. We also decided to set up each new city we enter as a department in Roger. This way, we get valuable insights into operational setup costs, and can see how costs vary from city to city. These metrics are crucial in creating reports for ourselves, our investors and other stakeholders

What measurable results are you seeing after you started using Roger?

We reduce bookkeeping hours by a minimum of 20 hours each week, which is around a 90% decrease in what we would otherwise spend at our current size. I can’t imagine how we would run this business without Roger, given the significant amount of time and resources it saves us. On top of that, we get visibility into our operational costs, insights a bookkeeper wouldn't be able to give us. The value Roger’s data and level of detail contributes to our operational reports is something we can’t imagine missing out on.

In addition to these benefits, Roger is saving us from having to purchase an old-fashioned ERP system that is extremely costly to purchase, maintain, and train employees on. Should we happen to need one in the future, it’s great to know we can keep using Roger with a simple integration.

What personal value do you see in using Roger?

Roger relieves a significant amount of workload and worries for me. It's become increasingly easy to onboard new contractors and employees since our accounts payable processes are so clear and concise. It’s simple to provide contractors with the RogerAddress to forward bills to, and from a financial standpoint, we’re eliminating manual typing errors, duplicate bills and inefficient chat communication that end up costing our team time and money. Our accounts payable is automated and it’s amazing - one of the best business decisions we’ve made.

What does it mean to you that Roger supports international payments?

We've been expanding rapidly in the US, and international expansion is natural for us since demand and operational viability are increasing. Being able to easily process international payments is a must, so we’re thrilled Roger supports them friction-free with currency accounts, meaning we can actually save significant funds. We haven't fully used the function yet, but look forward to taking advantage of it soon.


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