NEW Introducing Direct Pay

The smart way to run accounts payable

Roger lets you fully automate your bill pay process by scanning every invoice after you send it to Roger, and by making payments according to the approval flows you have set up in advance.

Bank connect

Easily connect
your accounts

Roger allows you to securely connect to your bank.
Once you're connected you can process payments
to your vendors.


We fix your B2B payments

Roger will pick the easiest and cheapest way to pay the vendor, either via instant Direct Pay or via check. You can just lean back, approve, and repeat.


Pay on time,
every time

Roger automatically detects due dates schedules your payment for the right date. You can also flexibly change payment dates to manage liquidity.


Direct Pay is free and instant

Roger's Direct Pay program is the fastest way to pay your vendors. They are paid instantly, at no cost to you.

Note: There is a transaction fee for the vendor to process the payment with their terminal or system.

International payments

Roger has officially launched international payments so you can put worries about exchange rates and wire fees behind you.

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