Let your accounting
work for you

Roger is designed to give you and your team time back by getting all the boring daily financial work done through automated workflows for things like bill pay, approvals, compliance and expenses.

Imagine if bills were just magically paid on time?

Save up to 90% of the time you and your team spends on getting bills approved, paid and booked to your accounting system. Spend more time on what really matters.


A single inbox for all your expenses

Send, upload, or take a picture of bills and receipts and let Roger scan, recognize and send all the data to your accounting system.


Advanced workflow automation

Create automated workflows with multi-step approvals based on amounts, vendors, people, and more. Automate categorization and reconciliation.


Intelligent accounts payable

Use Roger to automatically pay your bills based on the rules you set, and without worrying about due dates and payment methods.


Connect your favorite apps & services

Take automation to the next level by connecting to your existing tools. Notify your co-workers in Slack, keep your books up to date or save receipts in your favorite storage tool.

Explore integrations

Everything you need
to stay in control

Roger automates your accounting workflow while keeping you secure, compliant and in control of the data.

Advanced Fraud

In addition to taking away manual work, we help you prevent vendor- and occupational fraud. Something that hits up to 75% of businesses a year.

Easy team

Whether you're managing co-workers, staff or clients, it's incredibly easy to segregate duties and maintain the right controls.

Full audit trail

Stay ahead of a potential audit with a full audit log for each Roger account, including historic visibility to see who performed which actions, and when.

Insights & reporting

The more you user Roger, the smarter Roger will get about your business, vendors, spending and compliance.

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