Effortless expense reports.

Expense reporting is the No. 1 complaint employees have about their jobs.

So, make it easier on them.
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Automate expense management.

Scan and go

Roger reduces the amount of time you spend scanning, approving, documenting and paying expenses by up to 80%.

Customize how
you pay

Roger is bank-backed to handle payments securely for you. Reimburse employees to their personal account.

Automate approvals

Still tapping someone on the shoulder to approve an expense? With Roger, they get notified automatically and, with one click, expenses are approved.

Safe, secure and error-free

Human error, fraud and poor organization slow you down. Avoid duplicate payments and internal fraud risks.


15x faster payouts

The average employee waits 30 days for money owed. With Roger, payments are initiated within an average of 2 days.


Explore expenses

Roger gives you the best possible insight into where your team is spending money - with the ability to export reports and add custom bookkeeping data.

Spend Controls

Automate spending rules

Roger's Workflows function enables you to customize your approval flow. Need to disable automatic payments, send to multiple approvers or define accounting rules? We can help.


Integrate your tech stack

With Roger, automate the accounting and bookkeeping process entirely, recording payments and payment details to your accounting system in real-time. You can even configure approvals from Slack.

Stop wasting time on old school reimbursements.

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