Payments Automation Built for QuickBooks

Get hands-free payments and automated bookkeeping in one centralized platform.
    • Integrate Roger and QuickBooks Online to automate ACH, Check and no-fee instant payments.
    • Instantly record, reconcile and add data to QuickBooks.
    • Put approvals and accounting on autopilot.
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Why Roger?

Roger works with QuickBooks Online, automating accounts payable and paying your vendors for you.

One seamless system

Roger reduces the amount of time you spend scanning, approving, documenting and paying expenses by up to 80%.

Customize how
you pay

Bank-backed to handle payments securely for you, we can pay your vendors by ACH, Check, Direct Pay and International Wire.

Automatic bookkeeping

Our two-way sync with QuickBooks Online means you can import your accounting data and automate bookkeeping for every expense.

Safe, secure and error-free

Human error, fraud and poor organization slow you down. Avoid duplicate payments, late payments, vendor and internal fraud.


Zero-fee bill pay

Roger's DirectPay program pays your vendors instantly - while syncing everything to QuickBooks Online. Strengthen vendor relationships by offering them a faster payment option and create a smooth AP process.

Work Efficiently

Automate spending rules

Roger's Workflows function enables you to customize how you pay. Need to disable automatic payments, send to multiple approvers or define accounting rules? We help you automate.


Hands-free bookkeeping

With Roger, you can automate 100% of your bookkeeping process. Roger learns the accounting data you add to QuickBooks and automatically adds the correct custom categories, classes and departments to your expenses.

Stop wasting time on slow accounts payable processes.

Get started with a free trial today. No credit card required.