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The financial flexibility you need.

Roger's new Cash Flow Management helps you negotiate discounts and longer payment terms with suppliers - without any uncomfortable conversations.

No credit card required

Here's how it works

It's not easy to admit your business is struggling with cash flow. So, if you or your vendor needs to discuss new payment terms, we do the negotiating so you don't have to.

We negotiate terms with your vendor

Roger negotiates the terms of your behalf. Due to our large vendor network, we are able to negotiate much better terms across all our clients. A new icon will appear in your inbox on bills where payment terms are available.

Gain the ultimate freedom

Pay Early

When you opt in to pay ahead of schedule you receive a discounted price from the vendor, helping them access funds they need faster, with a reduced cost for you.

Pay Later Coming Soon

If you lack the funds to pay your bill right away, you can defer payment for a fee negotiated by Roger.

Recorded, reconciled and organized

When a discounted bill has been paid, Roger will automatically issue a credit note for the corresponding discount – so your accounting records and data stay clean and error-free.

4.5/5 stars
William Schneider

Great app, works well and is easy to use. If you don’t want to waste too much time on paying bills this is by far the easiest and fastest option.

Henrik Lindegaard

We are very happy to have It is super easy to use in everyday life. It makes one's day easy compared to paying bills. And when you have questions they are super quick to come back with answers.

Automate now

Ready to stop wasting time on tasks and start spending it on scaling, growth and delivering superior service?