Integrate FreshBooks with Roger

About FreshBooks

FreshBooks is the #1 accounting software in the cloud, designed exclusively for freelancers and growing service-based business owners. Automate invoicing, organize expenses, track time and accept credit cards online with just a few clicks. FreshBooks helps you grow your business, gets you paid 2x faster and keeps you and your team organized, efficient and collaborative.

About the Integration

Power by Zapier, you can send all of the data in Roger to your FreshBooks accounting system to be reconciled. Roger automates accounting and accounts payable tasks, like paying a vendor and categorizing the expense. By using this integration, you eliminate the manual work of adding expense records and data to FreshBooks.

Advantages of integrating Roger with FreshBooks

Roger acts as a layer of automation with your accounting system. Using Zapier and Roger together, power-up your FreshBooks account.

Sync via Zapier

With Zapier, you can instantly sync all of your accounts payable and expense management data to FreshBooks.

Automate payments

Roger is your automated accounts payable solution. Automate payments and vendor management with ease.

Hands-free bookkeeping

The more you use Roger, the smarter it gets. Roger will instantly recognize documents from the same vendors and add your bookkeeping data for you.

Key tools for FreshBooks

Automation-powered accounting, backed by our global payments infrastructure, will drive value for your team and for your clients.


Roger scans, enters and syncs the entire financial document - sending it to your system so you and your accountant can easily explore expenses.

Custom Lists

Roger enables you to create custom lists for all of the ways your organization categorizes expenses.

Spending Rules

With Workflows, you can build complex accounting rules, or, determine how and when vendors are paid. You can create multi-step approval flows and send additional data to your accounting system.

Vendor Management

Edit vendor profiles, customize payment methods and report on spend by vendor. You can even build Workflows to alert you when vendor bills vary month-to-month, so you never lose sight of important spending data.

Unlimited Seats

Want your bookkeeper or accountant to have access to Roger? It's free to invite them so they can help you set up your system.


Roger virtually eliminates manual data entry, so you never have to worry about making an expensive accounting mistake.

Original Coffee has reduced manual finance team hours by 60% - even as they grew by 4x.

“The seamless data management that Roger has provided us is crucial to our business. In addition to being a time and money saver, it’s also enabling us to scale our business while maintaining a higher level of control and accuracy.” 
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Martin Hjarsbæk
Chief Finance Officer, Original Coffee

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