Your new accounting inbox

No more printing and scanning invoices or receipts, or running around for approvals. Roger gives you one hub to automate accounting based on the documents you receive from vendors, co-workers and more.

Hit send and

Your new Roger inbox comes with a unique email address that vendors and team members can send bills and receipts to. You can also just upload documents directly via our web interface or from your phone. Once you hit "send", Roger will take care of the rest.

  • Unique Roger email address
  • Upload to
  • Use your phone on the go
automated data entry

invoice & receipt scanning

Our state-of-the-art scanning technology accurately reads information off bills and receipts in a heartbeat. This is turned into actionable data  you can use in your workflows and route bills and receipts for approval or for automating your bookkeeping.

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Document storage

A secure financial storage room

No need to save the paper version of bills and receipts, or print invoices for approval. Anything uploaded to Roger is saved for 5 years in our encrypted storage vault that only you have access to.

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