You can now use Roger together with your Pleo card to automatically sync all your invoices to Pleo

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We are happy to announce a direct integration between Roger and Pleo, a company card solution that simplifies company spending significantly and makes sure you never have to worry about expense reports again.

Enabling our customers to pay any bill with the payment method of their choice is a key part of our vision for Roger. With this seamless integration between Pleo and Roger, you can make your two favorite payment tools work together, and make sure you have everything automated from A to Z.

How Pleo and Roger work together

The integration between the tools is easy to setup and works seamlessly. When you connect your Pleo card to Roger, each invoice paid with the Roger app will instantly appear as a transaction in the Pleo expense view, and the amount will be deducted from your Pleo wallet balance. In addition, the attachment will automatically be synced to the transaction.

Connecting Pleo with your Roger account is easily done from the Pleo Integrations page with just a few clicks. You can also use the step-by-step guide there to get going.

If you already have a Pleo card added as payment method in Roger, the integration will simply enable the apps to work together, but you will need to follow the simple instructions on the integrations page in Pleo. If you haven't created your company in Roger yet, enabling the integration will instantly create a new company in Roger for free.

Learn more about Pleo, and read Pleo’s announcement about the integration to Roger.

Be a part of something bigger

In helping thousands of companies worldwide worry less about their payments, it’s important for us to constantly improve and develop the Roger product.

A future where businesses and accountants can use intelligent tools to automate manual tasks entirely is not that far away, and we know this prospect will be a huge driver of innovation.

Being able to focus on what you are good at as a business instead of thinking about tedious, repetitive tasks is an imperative driver of growth and scale.

Apart from the Pleo integration, we have other significant product announcements coming this fall. If you want to be on the cutting edge of accounting and finance, make sure to be part of our Community on Slack where you can chat with the Roger team members directly, be part of the discussion on automation, and be the first to test new features before they go live.