IF this THEN that
for accounting

Roger allows you to build custom workflows that fit your unique processes. Once our scanning engine magically turns all your paperwork into actionable data, you can use it to create workflows for approval, categorization and even payments.

Workflow automation

Say hello to rules based accounting

We've made it very easy to build your rules out with our simple workflow editor. With multiple layers and approval based on anything from amounts, vendors, currencies, departments, who the document was uploaded by, and more, this is the most powerful workflow tool of its kind.

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IF this THEN that

The data from the document added to Roger can trigger different actions in Roger. This way workflows can do the heavy lifting of staying compliant, paying your bills and keeping track of your expenses.

Added by co-workers
Type of expense
Vendor name
VAT number
Expense amount
Automatically Pay
Select due date
Add category
Add department
Notify co-worker
Add note
Lock expense