Accounting automation - built for accountants

Roger for Advisors brings your firm into the future.
Build automation-driven solutions into your business,
helping you scale and delight your clients.

Why work
with Roger?

Automation-powered accounting, backed by our global payments infrastructure, will drive value for your team and for your clients.

Scale up

Roger's automation technology reduces the amount of manual work you need to do for your clients, without sacrificing accuracy or quality.

New revenue

By reducing the amount of time you spend working on each client, you have the freedom to discover new sources of revenue that just can't be automated, like value-driven advisory services.

Satisfy clients

Your clients will love how easy it is to use Roger. Gone are the days of slow expense uploads, awkward approval processes and manual data entry.
Stay in control

Your Advisor dashboard

Roger gives you an overview of your clients, easily switching between them while giving you an overview into client work and one centralized system to oversee.

Manage staff

Secure client management

Using Roger's Groups function, you decide which of your staff members have access to which client. Different permission levels are available for your team, keeping your clients secure and your team structure in place.

Your support system

Onboarding and client support

Roger works hand-in-hand with you as we welcome you to the platform. When your clients join, we also act as your support system, with built-in resources to help clients succeed.


Your feedback is our roadmap

We truly believe you're helping us shape the future of our platform, while we help you shape the future of your practice. Help define what we launch next, ensuring you have a tool to meet all of your needs.

Add more value - and grow your business.

Revenue models

Tap into a new revenue model, offering automated accounts payable or expense management to your clients.

Superior UX

Roger is built for modern teams. This is a sophisticated tool, designed for anyone to use.


Roger is flexible enough to create entirely different experiences depending on each client.

Billing options

Choose how you pay. Pass the cost of Roger along to your clients, or, pay for Roger yourself.

What does a Roger advisor look like?

Roger is built to suit any accounting practice - of any size or scale.


Roger can help you scale - without working harder. Automate slow bookkeeping tasks, so you can take on more clients.


Roger is a growth tool for Advisors. We help you do more - with less. Grow your business and uncover new revenue models.

External CFOs

Reporting is a challenge for any business. You can use Roger to optimize and streamline accounting data for financial planning.


Helping businesses improve their back office and build for growth? Roger is poised to help your clients grow.

With or without clients. You decide.

Roger for Advisors is built for the way you work. You can use it as a client software, or, use it to efficiently manage your clients - without onboarding them to Roger.

With your clients:

Roger allows you to offer a fully integrated and automated accounts payable solution for your clients

Create and manage Workflows based on what your clients need, building and automating processes at an individual level.

Offer a Reimbursements tool, giving clients an easier way to manage expense reports

Clients can manage approvals and documents according to the way they run their team.

Organize your staff and assign client accounts to them in one, organized system

Without your clients:

You can instantly upload all of your clients and client data to Roger, without onboarding clients individually.

Clients can send their receipts, bills and expenses to a RogerAddress unique to them, so documents don't get lost and you don't spend months chasing paper.

Tap into a global Workflow library to automatically apply accounting rules to your clients.

Organize your staff and assign client accounts to them in one, organized system

Automate and grow your business with Roger.

Get started with a free trial today.