Accounting Automation

Build an error-proof accounting system.

Your no-code accounting automation engine.
Create intelligent and efficient workflows to automate essential accounting and bookkeeping tasks for your team.

Let us do the
heavy lifting for you.

Roger takes the complex accounting rules that govern your organization's financial health and automates them - simplifying your back office work.

Cleaner books

Roger eliminates manual data entry, so you don't make costly mistakes.

Accounting sync

Have an accounting system? Sync all of your categories, lists and other classes to Roger.

Full control

Company accounting rules and spending policies can be built into Roger - so your team stays compliant.


Match bank statements and credit card statements, ensuring every expense is accounted for.

The Workflow Builder

A simple drag & drop experience

Roger's powerful Workflows enable you to customize, automate and implement any accounting rule for your team. Here are some of the top examples of Workflows we see in Roger:

If this, then that.

Roger's Workflow builder is like Zapier - for accounting.
Build as many automated accounting rules as you need into your team.

Bill amount

The amount owing on a bill that needs to be paid.


Keywords found within the bill, receipt or email that might help categorize the expense.


The name of the vendor who needs to be automatically paid.


Roger supports different currencies and can help you use bank accounts with different currencies to pay.


Is this document a bill, receipt, credit note or reimbursement? Define rules depending on which type.


You can build Workflows based on the original uploader of the document.

Require approval

This is the member(s) of the team, or department, needed to approve the expense for internal compliance.

Disable autopay

Are there certain processes to follow with this vendor? Stop payments from happening automatically.

Add message

Need to add some additional context to this type of expense? Do it in Workflows.

Add a label

Roger uses your accounting system data to import categories, departments and more. Add them here.

Mark as paid

Is this an expense that's already paid using another method - like cash? Mark it here so it doesn't get paid twice.

Disable sync

Don't want to send this to your accounting system? Disable the synchronization of this document.

Workflow Gallery

Workflows that
work for you.

Roger's powerful Workflows enable you to customize, automate and implement any accounting rule for your team. Here are some of the top examples of Workflows we see in Roger:
Document Storage

Stop chasing paper

Easily upload bills, invoices and receipts. You can even get your vendors to do it for you by sending documents directly to your RogerAddress.


Never make another error

Once a document from a vendor has been added to Roger, Roger remembers the criteria you added and will instantly add the same data to your documents. That means, no more typing - and no more typos.

Document Match

No more missing links

Roger matches your credit card or bank statements, giving you the easiest way to add expenses, prompt co-workers to add documents and ensure important bills and receipt never get lost.

The standard in business automation.

Roger's global payments platform and sophisticated automation is built for boosting productivity and fostering growth.


Make your
ERP smarter.

Roger acts as a layer on top of your existing system, powering it up with real-time, two-way accounting system sync to reconcile every payment and every payment detail.

Xero Accounting

Connect Roger to Xero and sync everything between both platforms.

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QuickBooks Online

Record and reconcile every payment from Roger to your QuickBooks Online account.

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Sage Intacct

Roger is an ideal solution for growing businesses on Sage Intacct.

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